Affiliate Implant Ideas
Affiliate Implant Ideas

Congratulations! If you have your YouTube Channel(s) set up right you not only know more than 99% of video marketers you are also ready to start cashing in!

So let’s talk affiliate ‘turkey’ and how to use the YouTube Implant method to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns and theĀ  various ways you can get some quick cash!


What to promote?

I’m not going to insult your intelligence and talk about Clickbank, CPA Offers or the Amazon Associate program, or all the other dozens of places you can go and find a product, physical or digital, to promote. Instead I’ll just assume you have something and take you through a couple of different processes to get some bucks in the bank!


How to promote?

OK here are some ideas ( see samples on the left) and, yes, you can do this without ‘buying’ stuff but I will mention marketing stuff I use in my campaigns and it’s up to you if you feel the investments I’ve made are a fit for you or your budget.

1) Simple as it gets:

  • Create a video, let’s keep it under a minute or two in length, can be just a screenshot or video screen capture of a ‘sales page’
  • Include your ‘bionic’ button and link directly to the product sales page using a Redirect script on a page/post on your ‘associated’ web site
  • SEO the heck out of that video, see the Tube Krispee module
  • Get some REAL comments ( that you can respond to and make ‘sticky’ i.e. they stay at the top) via friends you have – or the Big Buzz Skype Group
  • That’s it!

Now there are a few potential issues here:

  • You are using a redirect and maybe, who knows ( but I suspect!), YouTube will clamp down on that in the future
  • You are not really adding any real value
  • You are not offering a ‘bonus’
  • You are not going for a ‘sign-up’ on a Landing Page prior to sending them to the affiliate promotion.

Now I’m not saying you need to worry about any of that, and here’s a recent screenshot of my email account showing recent payments from one affiliate program I’m associated with where I linked directly to the sales page, no bonuses – nothing:

Affiliate example

That said check out the navigation on the left if you want to see details of the different methods for effective affiliate marketing with video in action. My view is that it’s best to get potential buyers into your Email list ( more on that later).


Use your mouse to move around the MindMap, zoom in/out etc. or just click the full screen option.

Make your own mind maps with Mindomo.

Get more details about the different methods in the sidebar of this page.

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  1. Hi Clive,

    You have given some good food for thought here and its interesting to see the poll results.

    I ticked option E although I actually use A, B and C as it will depend on the promotion on which method I chose. List building is my preferred way to go and some fellow members might be interested to know that rather than buying a domain for each product you can use a free Weebly account to build a squeeze page to test the waters before spending any money. Dead simple!

    As far as longer term campaigns go I believe YT will crack down on re-directed affiliate links so when you are building an authority channel send visitors to your website or blog to be on the safe side.

    I like your site map by the way, useful demo tool… cool