Affiliate Implant Ideas
Method ‘E’ Sample

In this method I’d normally set the video below ( just a sample video, not hosted on YouTube – in fact it’s hosted on Amazon AWS via my Easy Video Player account) to  forward to the affiliate offer ( or optin page) when it finishes.


 I haven’t set to autoplay here, although I could have done. Skip to the last 20 seconds of the video and watch how it will open the Easy Video Suite page in a new tab – but I’d have it open in this, the same window, if I was doing this in my normal way.

It’s pricey but Easy Video Suite is the Bees Knees! >>

Now in this case I’ve embedded the site here on the site but using Easy Video Suite I could create a ‘stand alone’ web page featuring the video, showing a ‘timed’ Buy Now button and redirecting to my affiliate link when the video ends.

Or embed the video on an Optin page doing the same. That way I’d be getting the visitor to Opt-in and be taken to the affiliate offer when they do AND be taken there anyway when the video on the EVS created page ( Or Optin-page) ends, Double Whammy!

I’d then send traffic to that site using a short ‘teaser’ video in YouTube.

There are SO many ways to be successful with Video Marketing. I’ll be adding more.


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