• Hangout Resurrection
  • Hangout Resurrection
    Hangout Resurrection


    We all know that the Warrior Forum is awash with crap these days. The problem with that is that rare gems pass unnoticed. One such that was released on 7th May is Hangout Resurrection – how to re-purpose any video from YouTube ( or gathering dust on your Hard Drive) as a Hangout ( with all the ranking benefits of hangouts) using free software.

    I was so impressed that I purchased the rights to the product ( 3 videos and a walkthru document) to give¬†to you guys here –

    Access the Hangout Resurrection Doc HERE

    VIDEO 1 – Installing WirecastHere’s the link to download Wirecast free version

    VIDEO 2 РStream Video To Hangouts

    VIDEO 3 – Editing Your Video Inside YouTube

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    1. Clive

      You can also use this method with Live Events – streaming a pre-recorded video through a Live Event using Wirecast. To reduce any ‘choppiness’, bad quality audio etc. when streaming be sure to compress your original video with the free ‘Handbrake‘ software – (tutorial here).

      Here’s a good video explaining the process: