Offline Implant
Offline Implant

OK, let’s run through your various options when it comes to using Video Marketing ( hopefully with the YouTube Implant Method included) to get Offline Business owners knocking on your door begging to become your clients…

  • Email them with your plans for them and their business.
  • ‘Cold’ call them ( ditto).
  • Hand out your business card at some local Chamber of Commerce meeting.


Well while that all sounds well and good ( if we believe all the crap we read in the Warrior Forum – WSO section), and even though you are a giant step ahead of your competition ( has anybody told you that there’s a LOT of competition out there?) with the YouTube Implant method.

I’m sorry I just don’t buy it! But it’s your choice as to how you market yourself to offline businesses. This site is just about my ideas and what I do – take ’em or leave ’em as you choose

I prefer to create results first and THEN contact a business owner who already has a marketing budget

More on that coming up in the sidebar navigation on the left soon!