Free/Paid Resources
Free/Paid Resources

This is a selection of resources and products I find useful.

My ResourcesFree/Cheap Video Editing/Creation Software

Screen Capture Sites/Software

Online Video Creation sites

Getting  ‘Views’

CAVEAT: Be aware that ‘purchasing’ views is frowned upon by YouTube so tread carefully!

  • Tube Tool Box – the only Windows software I’ve found for gathering Subscribers, Friends ( and therefore Likes, Comments and Views) that plays nicely with YouTube’s API and works within their Terms of Service. For Mac users try Tube Assist.

Image Editing

Competition Backlinks Checker

Download Videos from YouTube etc.

Hosting Videos In The ‘Cloud’

Video Call To Action Overlays

  • Video Nova – adding Call To Action buttons and banners, Optin Forms, Quizzes ( you name it) overlayed on any YouTube video when it sits on your site or a Web 2.0 property. Really smart!

Rank Tracking

WordPress Themes

  • ProStyler – Super Slick WP Theme – I’ll be using for my next product launch


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  1. Dave Woolsey

    Hi Clive,
    Am looking for a way to create quick & nice looking HTML pages
    Landing pages, thank you pages, 1-page sales letters, redirects etc.
    Remember reading one of your reports where you mentioned a product that you use, did that sort of stuff and it cost about $50 or $60 at the time
    And as I recall it had some basic template built in also?
    Anyway, a couple of suggestions or a link would be appreciated.

    • Clive

      Hi Dave, I am a recent and rabid convert to Igloo. Build amazing pages ( as you mentioned) download the files and upload to your root domain or a folder therein: Multiple templates and very cool. I used on a recent launch here:

  2. Tony Denson

    Couple of free image editors for you to offer lots of addons that make this a super powerful photoshop alternative even more powerful this one does VECTOR images

    Love the work done in IM Power Club

  3. Dave Greening

    Hi Clive,
    I am loving IM Power Club. There is a tonne of really useful information here and I can’t wait to get my teeth into applying all I can.
    I just wanted to let you know your link to ProStyler is dead. Perhaps it’s been taken off the market since you posted it.
    Thanks again and many cheers,

    • Clive

      Hey Dave,

      Re Pro Styler link thanks for the ‘heads up’ – I need to spend some time in checking all the sidebar links etc.

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the content :-)

  4. Hello,

    Before I buy Videonova, I want to test the videonova features. Is this possible?

    I wait on your reply!

    Regards, Erik

    • Clive

      Hi Erik, kind of hard to do that without letting you login to my account with Video Nova. All I can say is that I bought it, it’s inexpensive compared to other options such as Easy Video Suite ( which I also own) and it does what it says

  5. Clive

    More resources coming soon I’m still a bit tied up with the recent WSO launch.