{UPDATE} 2nd Feb 2015 – future reviews will be on the BLOG! ( don’t forget to Subscribe!)

Reviews and walk-thrus of recent products I’ve purchased and whether they are a fit for you and what YOU want to do online with your video marketing.

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PLUS ask fellow IM Power Club members what they think about latest WSO’s etc. This will be a ‘Members Only’ discussion re products we like or hate or just want a ‘Heads Up’ on.


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  1. Clive

    I’ll be moving this element of the IM Power Club over to the Blog: as that kind of makes more sense for me to do it that way

  2. Everyday there are so many ‘shiny new object’ launches, it gets to a point where I hardly even look at them anymore. That being said, I realize there are products out there that could help me automate some processes and save me time. Lately, I’ve missed a few that after the launch was over, I realized I could have added it to my arsenal.

    I can also relate to buying a software or product and being disappointed with it. So knowing Clive has the same aspirations as we do, I am ready for the reviews and walk-thrus to begin.

    It may only be his two cents but in the end, he may save you time and money. Priceless!