Tube Fake Out
Tube Fake Out

Tube Fake Out

OK, here’s the thing!

YouTube (Google) are all about ADS – we know that! People/businesses advertise their stuff on Google and YouTube and everybody is kind of used to that these days – it’s the ‘price’ we pay for all that free content, having ads show up when we view stuff online.

Plus Google have got very good at showing ads geared to not only web site and video content but also, especially for users of Google Chrome and GMail, ads based on their browser history etc.

So when a visitor to your video sees what appears to be an ad they assume it’s not YOU placing that ad there but YouTube. That said if the ad relates to their issue/problem etc. they may well click on it.

That is what has turned Google into the multi-billion company that it is. They know that a certain amount of people will click on the ad.

Let’s take advantage of that! Make our Call To Action ( I’m talking YouTube Implant method) not seem so ‘salesy’ i.e. it’s not OUR ad it’s just a regular YouTube ad that people kind of expect.

See what I mean in the sample video below ( BTW I haven’t added the annotation link to a website/redirect that you would do – this is simply an example of how cool the ‘fake’ ad looks).

Use the navigation over on the left to check out how to implement this and download the images.