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2 Cents Tube Clicks

YouTube Ads are not difficult to set up. Access the video training series below…

2 Cents YouTube Ads

Access to all the videos of the 2 Cent Tube Clicks Bonus can be found via the links below:


How To Create Your First Campaign

Link Your YouTube Channel To Your Adwords Account

How To Set Up Targeting Groups

Using Negative Targets

Types Of Video Formats

Using ‘Call To Action’ Overlays

How To Use The Estimation Tool

How To Copy Campaigns, Ads & Targeting Groups

How To Apply Content Label Exclusions

How To Measure Ad Performance

How To Generate Reports

How To Generate Placement Reports

Understanding Tabs & Placement Filters

Tips For Optimizing Your Ad Campaign

How To Use Remarketing

How To Set Up Your Payment Method

How To Update Your Billing Information


If you’ve found the training in this module useful and would like to get the rights to sell it as your own ( includes a stand alone Sales Page website and more) CLICK HERE



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