Seriously Groovy Overlays…

Tube Illuminati
Tube Illuminati

Tube Illuminati



OVERLAY ( Lower Third) DOWNLOADS: (right click and ‘Save target as’)

A) Amazon/Physical Product Overlay ( .psd file)

B) Affiliate Promo Overlay ( .psd file)

C) Offline/ Lead Capture Overlay ( .psd file)

D) Full Overlay ( .psd file)

E) All 4 Overlays ( .zip file)

F) Promote Tube Illuminati with this overlay (.png image)


Join to get your affiliate link ( mention when requesting it that you are an IM Power Club member and I’ll expedite it). You’ll be getting up to $20 per referral!

G) SECRET BONUS: ‘News’¬†overlay ( .psd file) see below


WORD OF WARNING! ( but in a GOOD way!)

When setting up a Hangout bear in mind that even if you do NOT HIT THE ‘BROADCAST’ BUTTON i.e. no content is added to your YouTube channel – it can STILL show up in Google’s results!

For example the video above was my third attempt (and the only one that auto-uploaded to my YouTube channel) but check this out – those 2 trial runs are ranked anyway – how crazy is that? I think it gives us some idea of the POWER of Hangouts! [ BTW I was aiming to rank for ‘Tube Illuminati WSO‘]


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  1. Lucinda Schersing

    Hello! I am so glad my mentor mentioned you! I’ve been using Hangouts with the Hangouts Plugin and I love it! However, I am also learning the additional ways to use the lower thirds and graphics. When you make your video that you are going to put on YT, then add your video overlays and/or graphics. These can be a overlay in your video editor like a picture in picture and extended for any length of you wish for your video. Then for example, you can make your website that is in your lower third clickable. :)

    I’m loving this stuff! Thanks for sharing and pointing out some stuff I’d not thought of yet. :)

  2. Rick Mosca

    Thanks live, I will give it a shot and let you know how it worked.

  3. Rick Mosca

    Great product, I have a question, using the Tube Illuminati Method instead of using a webcam is there a way of inserting a pre recorded video or just an image into the overlay?

    • Clive

      Hmm, here’s an idea – I haven’t tested this yet. In a Hangout you can ‘watch’ a video ( your own or somebody else’s). A Hangout will always be a ‘live’ event but watching a YT video IS a live event – then throw up your clickable ‘lower third’. This is kind of cutting edge stuff Rick and I, like you, am learning as I play with it.

  4. Glenn H

    Clive I have a question,

    but first let me say how lucky I feel about being a part of your endeavours..

    Please correct me if I’m wrong…

    1. So I do a hang-out on my own, and maybe point at the appropriate areas on the time frame. Then YouTube automatically uploads the hangout when its finished… Then I can go and edit the hangout by inserting the active overlays?… OK so far?

    2. But I can also download the hangout as a mp4, and chop it up into topics, especially if it is multi subject… Then re-upload them with keyword specific titles?

    At what point do I create the graphics which I annotate later with the YouTube editor – in both scenarios?


    • Clive

      Great question and points 1 & 2 are both spot on!

      So, OK, your full Hangout Video is up in YT with your chosen overlay/lower third. Now download it as an .mp4 using ‘Download Helper’ add-on for Firefox or similar ( we’ll get back to that later). Spotlight annotate the various parts of your main hangout video that you want to be clickable ( i.e your Lower Third bar or overlay) and link them to your Associated website ( any page or post, redirect that page if you choose to go that route). SEO it using Tube Cola methods.

      Now chop up the downloaded video into say 5 separate videos and re-upload to the same Playlist and SEO each one for your desired keywords. Link to your full Hangout video in the description. For each ‘mini’ video ‘spotlight annotate’ again as before. Your Implant areas/images will already be in place as your overlay will still appear, but you could add new ones using the YT Implant method while cutting the main video up in your video editor if you wish.

      Using a Hangout with ‘lower third’ overlays kind of means that you don’t have to go to all that editing trouble if you don’t want to – hope that makes sense.

  5. Glenn H

    Hi Clive,

    Amazon & News overlays seem to have broken links, just thought you should know.


    • Clive

      Thanks Glenn, off to fix that now.

  6. Clive

    BTW that lonely blue button on the top left of the latest overlay should neatly encompass the Google+ watermark that’s ‘default’ in Google Hangouts.

  7. Colin Thorne

    So far I like what I see.

  8. robert mcgowan

    Thanks Clive… For continuously upgrading the product. Looking forward to Illuminati

  9. Brian Davis

    sounds good, can’t wait to check this out. Thanks

  10. Homero Castano

    Just went to the WSO thread… this looks cool!!



  11. Richard Roy

    Looking forward to checking out this product Clive