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Fast Niche Research

Time = Money right?

I’m a video marketer but don’t have the time or inclination to create hundreds of videos for each and every search term out there!

I’d rather just find the search terms that people are actively searching for ( let’s say the top 10) and focus on those terms alone.

Right? Wrong? Well this works for me!

This module shows you how I do MY research….. ( PS: It’s easy!)



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  1. Wayne Hope

    Have you tries using for finding keywords? It scrapes Google suggest and gives you the answers on one page.

    • Clive

      Yes I have tried in the past. Not using it at the moment.

  2. carolyn skipper

    Just arrived here three months late,
    My old computer bit the dust…saw this plugin on Ray the Video Guys site
    and said to myself, I have that plugin….but not in my new used computer!

    Finally found an email I had saved from WSO delivery and got signed in.

    I love this plugin…used a few where Ray had posted it, this is gonna be fun.

    Got to check out cola…then go have a party!.

    Thanks Clive for the extra.


  3. Gerald Ball

    Hey Dave

    I was also having the same problem as you and only getting 4 Google Suggest results back.

    What I did to was go to my Settings page, just as Clive suggests, where I Unchecked “Always show Instant Results”….

    …. then , I selected “Only when my Computer is Fast Enough”…..

    ….I know it sounds strange and ‘counter-intuitive’ but that’s what worked for me…..give it a try and see how things work out

    Good luck

  4. Clive

    Hi Dave,

    I’m getting 10 results ( I use the Chrome Browser but go to to do my searching). Here are my search settings:

  5. Dave Wilkes

    Hi Clive
    For a while now, I have only been getting 4 results in google’s instant results.

    Do you know of a way to take it back to eight results?

  6. Glenn H

    Hi Clive,

    I am truly blown away by what I’ve just learned from this one article.
    Thank you for sharing these valuable nuggets, you can be sure I will be putting it to good use.


    • Clive

      Cheers Glenn :-) I aim to please. This ‘plan’ is unfinished and ongoing so hope to be adding fresh ‘nuggets’ as soon as I am able.

      PS: Not sure if you are talking about this particular module ( kind of unfinished) or the SEO Checklist.