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    URL Revolution Plugin


    I used to totally ignore all that crap about ‘Split Testing’! To me it seemed overly geeky and only applicable to those who were kind of obsessive.

    My view was that, if I was making money, what’s to test? Plus I found, when I did look into it, that it just seemed so darned complicated and time consuming.

    That said I am now a ‘convert’ to Simple Split Testing and wanted a tool that made it super easy for people like me so I developed this smart┬áplugin.

    When you want to test which affiliate/CPA offer that you are promoting gets the most sales or converts best then this plugin, in conjunction with you monitoring your sales, is an easy way to eventually make the decision as to which offer you are going to focus on.

    You will be able to test multiple offers against each other and know which to drop and which to focus on. Simple!

    Quick walkthru video:


    Upload the zipped folder to your WordPress site via ‘install new plugin’ in the usual way.

    IMPORTANT: be sure to set your Permalinks to %postname% or the plugin will not work



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    1. Jock Tiernan

      Just a follow up – missed the plugin and wondered how to get a copy

    2. Brandon Quarles

      Hello Clive,
      How can I still get this plugin?


    3. Wanda Welch

      Thanks Clive!

    4. Philip Viljoen

      I have good news for the URLrevolution.

      URLrevolution take preference over pages and post with the same name.

      So you can create a redirect link and create a page with the same name,
      SEO this page 100% and all natural traffic will be send to the URL revolution redirect list.

    5. Alysan Alysan

      Can’t wait. Split testing has been a process I’ve attempted numerous times, but end up completely frustrated with the ‘techiness’ needed to make it work. The plugin looks easy to use, and I’m all for easy to use.

    6. robert mcgowan

      Looks good Clive. Looking forward to it.