YouTube Implant
YouTube Implant

In this easy to follow read/view course ( and associated video tutorials) you will learn not only how to add links to external websites inside a YouTube video – both text links and image links, ‘Call To Action’ buttons – but also a method to get your ‘foot in the door’ with Offline clients AND get some affiliate revenue rolling your way.

To get started you need to get to grips with THE METHOD.

Print it off if you wish ( and have plenty of ink in your printer as there are a lot of screenshots in there!)

While the initial YouTube Implant focused on using Camtasia ( and that ain’t cheap!) I have now added multiple cheaper, or free, solutions to achieve similar results.

Use the navigation menu on the left to access the various parts of the new course – some elements are ongoing – but I know you’ll bear with me as I upgrade the site with ‘Better, Faster, Stronger’ content!


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  1. Roger Davis

    I was just wondering why You missed an excellent movie maker and that is Screencast O Matic
    Free and the pro upgrade is $15 a year

    • Clive

      Neither do I! I’ve used it often and will add shortly :-)

  2. Robert Swink

    So far, Sounds good

  3. Ray McArthur

    Hi Clive
    I purchased Tube smarty never used it
    and now with the promotion emails
    was reminded of it.

    How do I access Tube Smarty

  4. slim shady

    Hey clive,

    I’m wondering what have happened to the offline implant section ??


    • Clive

      Hi, sorry about that. I’ve re-instated those pages. Find then in the big ‘drop-down’ menu under ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

  5. dennis ditmars

    Clive: Sorry….I got it now..
    I had to have a browser tab open to the main dashboard …1st…
    then when going back to the email…click the link again…Presto….!

    Thanks for letting me be a beta tester…now the Developers Lic…..!
    Getting it now.

    • Clive

      No problem Dennis – have fun with it.

  6. dennis ditmars

    TubeSmart email link for owners special pre-launch offer leads me here…Where do I find the link or offer…?

  7. Erin Brough

    Hi Clive, I have just used YT implant for the first time, using Camtasia and one of your shiny buttons. Thank you so much for showing us how to do this – it is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Easy to follow instructions – worked perfectly.


  8. Allan Howard

    Hi Clive,

    Thanks for the Social Posting software. It’s a great idea and very welcome..!


    • Clive

      Yeah it’s pretty cool. I’ve just started using it myself.

  9. Jim Eberle


    As I am new to video, I am going to ask a probably dumb question. I was hoping to be able to insert links going directly to the affiliate products websites I want to promote. As I have completed the setup phase you describe (and did well), it looks like I can only insert the link(s) to my associated website.

    Is this true? If true, is there a way around this?


    • Clive

      You’re right in that you can only click-thru to your ‘one’ associated website (per channel) but you could always do a Redirect ( see tutorial) or link to a ‘review’ post/page on your site of the affiliate program in question and repeat over and over for different affiliate promotions.

  10. Dan

    Hi Clive

    Just thought I’d give you the heads up on another option (don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to do another video!). Pinnacle Studios (formerly Avid)- really solid software (there’s an iPad version you can use and import into the desktop version), and you can easily overlay images at different points in your video, as well as positioning them wherever you want. I’m not going to provide any links as I’m sounding like an affiliate, but you can find a promo code that gets you $20 discount which means you can get the standard version for $39. I managed to do it and I’m UK based, just make sure you go via the US site.

    Just thought another alternative at a decent price might appeal to some.

    • Clive

      Thanks Dan. I’m just checking them out. ‘Avid’ is some serious editing software – I’m pretty sure it’s not the same hence their (Pinnacle) name change. My brother is a professional TV editor and spent a year training to be ‘Avid’ certified ( he now runs one of London’s largest TV editing companies in London ( proud of my little brother!)

  11. Pippin Lowe

    I had been running in circles at YouTube to get the Associated Website option to present itself to me, and two minutes after posting my last note here I continued on my journey, did exactly what I had done many times before — once again I followed the same link path YouTube instructed me to go through, however this time the coveted Associated Website option was there. So I think YouTube just has to have time to settle in each phase of the setup. So I thank YouTube Implant for the concept and the YouTube website for the pathway.

    • Clive

      Pleased you got it working Pippin. It DOES all work when you give it a chance and realise that YouTube can ‘sandbox’ you for a time – I wish that wasn’t the case but it is what it is.

  12. Clive

    Hi Pippin, that’s quite a jump in logic you’ve made there as to what YouTube has or hasn’t done. My associated websites are working fine. YouTube is constantly tweaking things and I’d suggest you try in different browsers. Why not ask YouTube where your associated website option has gone?

    Here’s a screencast of one of my videos that I checked out, while logged out of YouTube, just a few minutes ago: -so don’t be too quick to write this off and I hope your current issues are resolved soon.

  13. Pippin Lowe

    Why don’t I have the option of Associate Website under my Channel Settings? YouTube has changed there process which has made your process obsolete. How do I get the Associate Website back?

  14. Clive

    Hi Donanna,

    I don’t have a Mac but I reckon you could use iMovie to do this in the way I did in the Camtasia video. As long as you can add a ‘callout’ and then drag in a shiny button as I show in that video you are laughing.

  15. Does this work with a Mac? What software would you suggest? iMovie? Hope I can use this. It looks awesome

  16. Clive

    Hi Ted,

    That is because you are ‘logged out’. Login again by going to – with your original user name and password – and ‘magically’ all will fall into place and be revealed :-)


  17. Ted

    Every time I click on one of the menu items on the left it always takes me to a sales page for your wso services, where is the actual content

  18. John Van Hulst

    Hi Clive.
    It took a while to get this up and running but it works a treat :)
    The potential is enormous.
    Thank you for sharing this with us

  19. Alex Trevino

    Where exactly to I log-in to “Youtube Implant??” I had a hell of a time getting in here!!


    • Clive

      Hi Alex,

      I’m really sorry that you’ve had issues getting here – I’ve had all sorts of issues with OptimizePress/WishList membership plugin ( no doubt of my own making) that I aim to get resolved prior to my next WSO. To answer your question:

  20. Clive

    @Jimp1 – my intial WSO was about using Camtasia but it seems this can be done using other pro video editing software. However I will be adding, over the next week. tutorials on other free or low cost wasy of implanting bionic implants into videos. So please bear with me.

  21. James Perrone

    Is Camtasia needed to do this?

  22. Clive

    Hi Rosemarie ( BTW it’s Clive not Cliff :) sorry no OTO!

  23. Rosemarie Homnick

    Hey Cliff i just purchased Youtube Implant and i was taken right to the page. I s there any OTO,s/
    If there is i was never shown any.

  24. Really liked your WSO Clive and am using it already. You might like to know I have done my clickable links using PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker as I do not have Camtasia and don\t like to wait for Fiverr gigs if I don’t have to.

    Glad to be here,