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    This works great if you are using another YouTube Video and want to make it your own or just add to your own video:

    The thing is that a YouTube Implant can be MUCH MORE than a simple ‘button’ – if it’s a .png file with a transparent background it’s kind of powerful..

    Here’s an example ( I haven’t added links to the Implanted stuff but I trust you can see the possibilities):


    and edit it to your liking online with Pixlr.com

    Then use the ‘Annotations Spotlight’ – as per the YouTube Implant method – to link each part of the overlay. You know the score by now right :-)

    This works best on videos sized: 640 x 360 pixels ( which by the way is the size of a Google Hangout video). SO make a regular video look like a pro Hangout or, by all means, use on your next Hangout video ( upload to your ‘Lower Third’ option when using the ‘Hangout Toolbox’ app).


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    1. Al Khani

      How do you edit the texts in Pixler? Cant figure it out

      • Clive

        Click the ‘A’ icon in the left hand side bar and then click where you want the text to go inside your image. A pop-up box appears where you add your text, choose font and adjust size an color then click save.

        There is an explanatory video here